We are waiting for you in our new Atelier La Metamorphose

At the end of last year, to meet the needs of our clients and because of development of the La Metamorphose brand, we moved the existing La Metamorphose showroom to a new, much larger salon, to connect the shop together with the tailoring workshop. It means that now, when you visit Atelier La Metamorphose, you will not only be able to see and try on the outfits from our collections, but we can also make some adjustments to the creations for you so they can perfectly fit your figure and character.

It’s very important to us to make clothes that would reflect the woman’s personality and complement it in every situation, so that they can accompany her at different moments and times of the day. As we all know, each of us undergoes a metamorphosis throughout the day – we are different when we wake up in the morning or when we drink coffee and go to work with new ideas, yet we are different when we bustle around with household duties.

When the afternoon comes, and then the evening, our bodies and emotions change again. And it is that continuous feminine metamorphosis that we want to show, remind and awaken. That’s why, we enjoy talking to our clients (not only about fashion…). We like getting to know them and listening to them, so that we know how to properly match every character to even ready-made outfits from the collection, so that they become your second skin. We know that only when we feel good with ourselves and with our body, we can grow and flourish in our femininity to undergo a constant metamorphosis.

If you need an outfit for a special occasion or dream about it for a long time, make sure to check out our Atelier! With a cup of delicious coffee or tea, we’ll talk about it and make an initial sketch of your individual project.

We would like our new La Metamorphose Atelier to become a place combining fashion with art where various cyclical events and meetings would take place and the address of 4f Piłsudskiego Street would be associated with a nicely spent time and would be an inspiration to create your own metamorphosis.

We invite you to our Atelier, to the world of La Metamorphose, where the art of design is combined with creative vision and magic of style.

We are waiting for you!



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