The Power of Sisters – an interview with: Karolina Chapko

Our community, #ThePowerofSisters, is slowly expanding, and we are henceforth starting a series of interviews with sisters. We will talk about their lives, work, passions and how they support each other. You will learn stories of known and unknown sisters, modern and those that we remember from history. Here is the first of them:

Karolina Chapko – actress of the Bagatela Theater and STU Theater in Cracow. She gained popularity due to her excellent roles in films and television series including “Oszukane” (Cheated), „1920. Wojna i Miłość” (1920. War and Love) and „Ultraviolet”. Privately, she’s a sister of Paulina, Alicja and Aleksandra. She’s also an ambassador of The Power of Sisters project.


Were meeting at Fashion Day Zakopane, so let’s start with the role of fashion in your everyday life – after all, film and theatre are inherently associated with costumes and creations, and what is style for you?

Fashion has always been a great adventure for me. Like many adolescents, I created my image quite deliberately following it. I rather did not go against the flow but many times the stylizations I chose were meant to express my state of mind. Then, theatre and film started and the big gates to the world of costumes opened. I like to play in projects that are not so much costumey, but where the costume plays an important role, it can be one of the bridges connecting an actor with the character. It’s a fascinating journey. Sometimes one element of the costume reveals some secrets in a subtle way or encourages spectators to look closer, it accosts and stimulates them. I think that the role of the costume in film and theatre could be told for hours. My beloved costume roles include Zosia in the TV series “1920. Wojna i Miłość” (1920. War and Love), Anusia in the TV stage play “Szkoła Żon” (School of Wifes) and Daria Szatow in the play Biesy (Demons by F. Dostoyevsky) at the STU Theatre.

For me, style is a manifestation of personality, a way to non-verbal expression.

In your opinion, where does the strength in sisterhood reside?

In common support, being there for each other. There are always ups and downs between siblings, but the real sisterly strength lies in the feeling that there is always someone who is not necessarily physically there, but always has your back and whatever would happen she can be counted upon. The lack of evaluation is also important. We can argue and tell each other many things honestly, but we can also count on support and the help of one another in every situation.

What do you value your sisters for? How do you build a mutual relationship?

Each for something different and yet all for the same – above all, because they exist! I value them for the possibility to share my joys and tough days, that I can ask them for help and I know I will get it.

It is hard to say something about building this special relationship because it happens on its own. Of course you have to take care of each other and make sure you have time for a call or a meeting with the amount of work and the duties of everyday life. I try to keep up to date with what is happening in their lives.

What scene do you visualise when you hear the words respect and love?

I see my family not only in those beautiful and happy situations, even though our family life is mainly consisted of those, but also in difficult, sad and crisis situations, which also happen, and due to love and respect that the family is always together.

What are your career plans for the near future?

Each of us has different plans, but there’ll also be projects that we’ll do together. Every once in a while we function all together as a team. Our sisterly uniqueness consisting of the fact that we’re two pairs of twins obviously arouses much interest. I personally plan to be a fantastic mother for my son and this is the most important mission now. Of course, I also have a few professional projects on my mind, we’ll see what time brings.

The project The Power of Sisters is an idea that connects women and sisters in the world whose aim is mutual support, spreading good and sharing positive energy. How would you describe in a few words what sisterly love and support is in today’s world?

Sisterly love… I can not describe what it is. It’s something that if it is in your heart, it gives you enormous strength, such an additional „top-up” that you can use in different situations. That’s a feeling of sense!

Thank you very much for the interview and for agreeing to be ambassadors of The Power of Sisters project.



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