New Year’s resolution

The end of the year is traditionally a time of summaries and plans for the upcoming months. We, of course, also have our dreams and New Year resolutions related to both private and professional life. However, there is one dream among them that will certainly not be realized without you.

We know that there are many stories similar to ours in Poland and in the world – many sisters work together, share the same passions, support each other in dreams and can always count on each situation, even the worst one. And what do you think about joining our sister forces together?

In today’s busy world, it’s so easy to get lost, to lose the relationship with loved ones and forget about what is most important, that’s why we want to create a community of sisters – #thePowerofSisters, which with its positive energy and common action will infect others, motivate and thus gradually change the world. We are sure that by joining forces and ideas we can give a lot of good to other people and influence the reality that surrounds us – in accordance with the principle that good always comes back! And imagine what can happen if we accumulate good in such a large amount and in such a large group? ????

Share with us and the world your sister stories, tell us about your work, passions and how you support each other. We will publish your stories here on our blog – stories about known and unknown sisters, contemporary and those we know from history.

We invite you cordially – join the #ThePowerofSisters community.

May 2018 be filled with love, joy and positive energy! Happy New Year!



Ewa and Małgorzata


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