Marta Pałucka – the representative of Poland at the Miss International competition

Marta Pałucka – equestrian instructor and model. I Vice miss Poland 2017, winner of the title Miss World Poland 2016, TOP15 finalist of the Miss World 2016 competition. In November 2018, she will represent Poland at the Miss International competition organized in Tokyo. Once again, we are pleased to prepare the final dress for Marta.


We have been cooperating for several years now, we always support you and we are very happy with your successes. Soon you’ll be facing another challenge, how are the preparations going?

Miss International competition, which I am going to this time, is one of the 5 most important beauty contests in the world and since 1968 it has been held in Japan. I am preparing for the contest, but fortunately having already gained experience from the Miss World competition, I know how it will look and what to expect. I know it won’t be easy, because the program of the event is very full, but I am glad that I can go there. We are going to have three weeks of grouping in which we will learn about Japan and its various aspects. We will also have the opportunity to meet with the other participants as well as to tell about our countries and our experiences. It can be said that it will be a three-week mini trip around the world with representatives from about 70 countries.

And what will you say to the contestants about Poland?

I can talk about Poland for hours, especially about my beloved Sopot and the Tricity. I will tell them, among other things, about our beautiful cities, cuisine, how quickly our country is developing and what it offers. I even signed up for Japanese, because I want to learn a few basic polite phrases and words that will allow me to provide basic information, even about where Sopot is located. I also read a lot about Japan – culture and savoir-vivre.

Of course, the wardrobe is also under preparation. During the grouping, we need it a lot!

Hearing all this, we are even more pleased that you have entrusted us with the preparation of the final dress.

I return to the well-known, trusted hands of La Metamorphose, because we have been working together for a long time and it is pure pleasure. I think we can reveal that we are already after the first fittings, we chose the simple cut of a siren with a corset top and train. Satin, lace – all kept in the colors of dirty blue similar to the shade of our Baltic Sea, it will be a bit like a tribute to the place which I come from and which I love.

Alicja Gruca-Florczak, who also made me an outfit for the Miss World contest three years ago, will prepare a national costume for me. It will be a folk outfit inspired by different regions of Poland – a skirt, a white blouse, all complemented with a large number of corals forming the corset at the back, and a caul on the head. The effects will be seen during the finals of the Miss International competition.

You are associated with modeling from the age of 15, what is fashion for you?

Modeling has never been my main goal in life, but in this respect I am more connected with horses. I have predispositions to do this work and I use it. The new challenges related to modeling are also brought by beauty contests in which I’ve taken part. Last year, the title of I Vice Miss of Poland allowed me, for example, to win a contract with the New Stage Modeling Agency. Thanks to them, I went to Milan for my first fashion show and every now and then I leave for other contracts.

On the other hand, fashion is more like art, a phenomenon. I like to watch fashion, but I do not follow trends in my private life. My wardrobe is rather limited and mainly consists of things for horses (laughs). And in everyday life I dress rather simply and comfortably – white sneakers, jeans, white T-shirt and a delicate make-up.

Despite frequent trips related to the work of a model, you find time for training, participation in equestrian events and classes with your students.

Somehow I manage to combine it. Although I realise that I will never be one hundred percent a rider or one hundred percent a model. I used to be broken by this fact, but then I realised that this is my balance. I love both these things, so I have to connect them together and at the same time be aware that I will not reach a career peak in either one or the other. Both of these professions are mutually exclusive – modeling requires constant travel, equestrian riding requires being with animals everyday.

What is your dream?

I am currently working on this dream. I am beginning to feel the need for stability, to have something solid in my life, to start working in a serious business and not just work in a casual way. Time will tell what I can do… I feel as that trip to Japan will be an „icing on the cake” and the end of a certain stage of my life. Of course, the age criterion for beauty contests is also important here – 26 years…

However, I think that the most important thing in life is broadly understood fulfillment. Everyone defines fulfillment on their own. I have such a dream to be an integrated woman. That horse riding would be always with me, that I would find myself in business, work and of course in family, as a wife and mother.

La Metamorphose creates the #The Power of Sisters community – a community of sisters in blood, but also in hearts – friends, mothers and daughters, a community of supporting women. What woman is a role model for you? and what do you value her for? What do you value women close to you for?

I don’t think there’s such a woman that I could call a role model, but I always think about it.

I’ve been asked this question many times – who is my authority – I can say that I just admire all strong modern women. Today’s times pose huge challenges for us and we don’t want to lower this bar. We are more aware of the fact that we can be integrated, that we can carry out on many levels simultaneously, fulfill ourselves and feel good about it. That’s why I admire all the women who succeed, who are able to be good mothers and at the same time are good for themselves and others, pursue their passion and fulfill themselves professionally. Multitasking women – fulfilled women. And if I were to name someone famous, these are women who act as heads of countries, including Kate Middleton and Jacinda Ardern, Prime Minister of New Zealand, who performed her duties during her pregnancy and returned to work shortly after giving birth. It shows how awesome power women have!

I am a supporter of the fact that having children does not mean that we shouldn’t do something. We should fulfill and take care of ourselves and our health – both physical and mental. We have only one life! And it’s good that more and more people talk about it – about such a holistic approach to life and balance in all its aspects.

What does come to your mind when you hear the word ‘goodness’?

Goodness is kindness to me, having an open mind and empathy. It is a readiness to get to know another person and to accept differences and tolerance for others.

I learned empathy with animals – horses are my sport partner and sometimes I even identify with them. They are like my avatar (laughs). Horses are so clean, unpolluted, they are a sincere reflection of us. They always feel our emotions and give us an answer right away. If I am nervous, then my horse will act as if he wanted say „Hey, hey, calm down!” Horses are always good for us and want to meet our expectations. I definitely relax and calm down when I’m with them!

Thank you very much for the interview and we keep our fingers crossed for your participation in Miss International competition!


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