Charity fashion show Vivat Mama Metamorphoses of Stars

On June 11, 2018, at the Mazurkas Hotel in Ożarów near Warsaw, the stars and friends of the Koocham Foundation met together to celebrate Mother’s Day and Children’s Day together.

This time, in the fashion show from the series Metamorphoses of Stars, the models were popular actresses and journalists together with their children, including, among others, Ewa Pacuła, Olga Borys, Anna Korcz, Sylwia Wysocka, Kalina Ben Sira, Anna Iberszer, Eliza Gwiazda, Karina Kunkiewicz and Ewa Kuryło.

The ladies presented the latest collection by Anna Cichosz and our Aqua collection. The event was topped out with a recital by the opera artist, soprano Justyna Reczeniedi and a singer and an actress Monika Jarosińska. The great team of Golden Rose took care of the make-up of all the stars.

The funds collected during the event were donated to the Koocham Foundation and its subsidiary Ooniwerek, established in 2016, which is a rehabilitation and education facility which includes a kindergarten and school. The attending children have the opportunity to use rehabilitation and therapy techniques to support their development. They learn to support others, deal with problems, take care of themselves and overcome the barriers which are hard for them to live with on a daily basis. The founder of the Koocham Foundation and Ooniwerek is Joanna Palica, the mother of Alek, a boy who suffered an accident and has since been struggling with disability. On the basis of her own life experiences and efforts to bring her son’s health back and with the support of people of good heart, Alek’s mum created a place she had always wanted for her child. A place which is full of positive energy, love, passion and hope.

We are glad that through our collection we could be a part of this event.


For more information about Ooniwerek, please visit the Koocham Foundation.



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